Don’t even want to hear no niggas sound like that

MIGOS-FADER-askew_02_pvmwsn.jpgThe new un-commodity is originality. Maybe it was always the most valuable thing. And we just forgot it. The quote is from ATL manager of Migos and Little Yachty. There’s always badwagon jumping in music. Especially when the money is so easy following cookie cutter templates. But just as in other business, that shit never lasts and is futile. You can never win trying to copy. What you are copying will die. Then you’re ass out. Back to square one. Also, you put yourself in the business of making widgets. And if you go into that business, you better be the fucking best at making widgets and make nada mistakes. All a losing proposition because there is always someone better and you will make a mistake. The only win is that blue ocean shit. Do not compete. Make new markets for new shit. Constantly. This is very hard to do but is possible with the right culture and right rewards. Think Apple from the beginning but especially after Jobs came back and took it from hands of sugar water sellers. By then he fully recognized what made Apple special and how critical that was to their success. They were DICTATING to the market at that point and the world was following. Take that lesson and run from widgets.

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