Aged steak…well done…with ketchup!


This…is the low life scumbag fear filled paranoid rednecks elected. An self-promoted, self-alleged billionaire that brags about having the best of everything; best water, best wine, best buildings, best deals and yes, best steaks. Sold through The Sharper Image. And the motherfucker burns his meat to resemble hockey pucks…THEN puts fucking ketchup on it. A grown up man. This whole shit is so absurd as to be fucking surreal. Beyond surreal. This shit calls for a new word to describe what is beyond surreal. Just because surreal has been overused lately and never really described the depth of this unreality. Webster where are on this? You’ve been hammering his guts on twitter. Help a brother out. Meanwhile, Ionesco is doubled over holding his belly. And fucking rhinoceros everywhere. Especially at CNN.


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