Metrics Schmetrics!

Peter-Drucker culture versus strategy
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
I think this statement is bullshit. While I have utmost respect for Peter Drucker, whom I believe the quote is attributed to, I take issue with this statement’s over-the-top, rampant usage in the business world.
That’s how Claire Lew (@KnowYourCompany) is starting us off today. Think about it. How many times have you heard that from a management person. That read the same fucking book as the other management person and copied him. I once had a boss that would read a book then spend the next six months trying to implement every single idea in the book as a religion. I still hate that fucker. He once made me read the most badly written unimaginative book I think exist. Not mentioning names but the guy that wrote it continues to mar the world with his horrific drivel and is known as a great business writer….yeah. Anyway, the whole gist of his rubbish I read was our opening quote from Drucker (whom this torturer clearly stole the idea from just like all the guys that stole it from him). Assaultive writing aside, the guy was trying to make the point that every. single. thing. needs to be measured to control and manage it. Me and Claire Lew (that’s a cool name. Say it like you mean it!) call bullshit. My individual point being there are some things that you CAN’T measure in any accurate way and even trying to quantify them might well break them. As Claire is arguing, one is employee engagement. You and everyone else knows when the culture is right. Trying to quantify everyone’s inner children to figure out why will damage that. No doubt. Think about that also. When is the last time (when not prodded by one of these metric assholes) that you or anyone felt the urgent need to measure  something to death that was going well? That was succeeding. When? When it’s right….you don’t measure. You know it and can feel if that alters. THEN you feel the need to measure it. Because now it is fucked up. So relax. Don’t fuck it up if it’s going well. And remember, your gut has evolved over millions of years to help you survive in a deadly world. Trust it sometimes when eggheads are trying to sell you bullshit.

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