White Iverson



Saucin. Saucin on you.
White Iverson. When I started balling I was young.
i need that money like that ring I never won.
It’s that time. Swaggin’ Swaggin’ on you for certain. And that’s the only way to operate going forward. The world is going to automate at a much faster rate than people expect once it begins to happen. And that first domino is soon falling. Just look at how far along Tesla, Google, Ford, et al, are with full automation of cars. That alone will change the fabric of society. Universally. The simple realization that this is really going to happen has already sent shock waves through humanity.
Want to talk about the anger of traditionally privileged classes of people in first world countries? What do these pampered fuckers have to be angry about to the point where they are willing to politically (and literally, in some cases) blow their countries up? They don’t know exactly what is happening. They couldn’t explain it to you coherently. They are blaming the wrong people as usual because that’s all they have historical reference for but they sense something is changing monumentally. And they can feel in their nuts that it’s not going to be good for them. They are right about this.
White people will become just another tribe of people in the automated world losing their undeserved exceptionalism or at least the idea of it. No one will will have a meaningful job in the automated world. everyone will be on “welfare” that whites love to demonize as the beloved repository of all people of color. So what does that do to their sense of entitlement? Who the fuck knows for sure but what we can see at just the thought that this might happen does not bode well for the future. I mean, these fuckers elected Trump! (Or at least advocated him, as we know midget putin hacked the vote to insert him in office as the opening salvo in a new war with America but that’s another post.) What happens when “the white working class” has to go down to the dole office and pick uo a check in line with all the niggers and spics. I’m buying body armor for the fallout but I do relish it.
Isn’t it ironic that the grand wizard’s job of instigating a race war will also be automated. I mean, you’ve had these retarded fucks trying to cling on to a coherent logical argument for an ending violent cleanse of the world (because when you have every nation in the world with people advocating a clearing of this type where the fuck are the cleansed supposed to go?) for decades and it will be robots that entreat the violence. Metal and circuits will start their “revolution.” And at the end they will lose all they have along with all their dignity. there is no winning a war like that.
There is only one way out. At least for awhile. That’s for you to be a white Iverson. Or a real one if you got that game. (In all likelihood you do not no matter what you think. Confidence does NOT equal ability. Again, I present Trump.) It’s such a gross Oprah cliche but it’s true at this time more than any other. There is only one thing you truly own that cannot be replicated. That’s you. Your swag. Your mojo. Whatever you call your inner Roscoe. That will be the last thing that will be replicable. machines at that point would have to be so complex as to be virtually no different from humans. Until that time content is king right? And everything you put out that is truly and uniquely you in your narrative is content. There are very few people that can take any narrative and make it beautiful. No, you are not one of them. Do you. Let loose your inner white Iverson. Pick up the rock and ball baby.

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