Jed Clampett want his money back

No matter how accommodating and generous you are there are just some things that no one can excuse. One of the most significant at this time is the utter and complete ignorance and stupidity that elected Trump. Whatever cover you used or was assigned to you from the highly dubious (economic anxiety) to the most realistic (straight racism), unless you are in his family you voted against yourself in the long game. For one, and maybe most importantly, this world that he is creating cannot be sustained and there will be violent retaliation. You will pay sooner or later as we all will with you. So no matter how much you may benefit now it will be taken away and your losses will not stop there. That being said the vast majority of you will see no short term benefit at all. In all likelihood you will feel the same pain as the most venerable among us for your troubles. And you will still be held accountable later. Think those that were so gleeful at the promise of the repeal of Obamacare that came to learn that that is actually another name for the ACA from which they received their healthcare. In most cases critical care. Again, inexcusable ignorance mixed with a heavy drizzle of mountainous stupidity. With the demographic changes that continue turning the nation into California with accompanying realistic liberalism you’ve slit your own throat and you really only punished yourself long term. Another exemplar of the fact that hate is self destructive if there ever was one.

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