Rula Jebreal

This is about white supremacists

Another woman that spits fire at these mealy mouf both-sides motherfuckers. Nothing but truth to the racists. No wonder they don’t want her in the country. She would be beating some kellyanne conway ass everyday on TV like a rigged caged death match. These people trying to ruin this country are dumb. Dumb, I say. They have to see the coming demographic apocalypse for them. This whole country will soon be California. In population, disposition and outlook. gop is essentially nonexistent and certainly nonfunctional there. This arrangement has made them the biggest state economy in the US and the sixth largest in the world. The next industries want to be there and the next talent follows. This is not Indiana trying to bring back forever gone factory floor jobs. This is not Iowa trying to make the rest of the country smell more like pig shit. This is the center of the tech world and therefore there entire world economy. Despite knowing this is their future, these scumbags are trying to force through repression not seen since the nazis were in power. Knowing it will not last and they will be punished. This seems more like a self immolation than any real policy strategy. They are so angry at having had a black man in their highest office that they will self destruct just to make a show knowing that they will never be allowed a voice again because of it. Somewhat shocking but not in the habit of saving enemies.

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