Hidden figures

Indeed. Was never radical until lately. Before it seems that there never was naked aggressive antagonism. There always seemed to be at least a veneer of a certain esprit de corp of being on the same team. There were certain rules, lines and norms. All that shit has changed. Now white people’s ids have escaped the pig pen. The spiteful and naked prideful hatred makes u certain that they are experiencing a soulful purge of their own saved toxicity. The way it comes up and out and the pleasure they take in it lets u know that it feels cleansing and clean to them. They are freeing their true selves. No mistaking from the smile that it feels sublime to them. Of course the immediate reaction to that is equal hatred. The kind that’s also freeing. With a natural momentum that leads to physicality. The kind of hatred that makes u tense, flush and go blind. A certain malevolent zen. With the ultimate purpose being actionable physicality. Nothing to be done about it. This kind of primal state so obviously has been in our blood since Adam.

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