Product Review: $39.99 iPad

op2eq5g-zkw-william-ivenThat’s what they called it. An iPad. For my niece. For Christmas. It turned out to be just as good or better way to consume media. It was that blue light special Amazon Fire. As I said in my last post, technology is progressing at a pace (yes, still) that it doesn’t make sense to actually own it. It should be rented. This is just the latest example. This dirt cheap ad infested piece has better speakers, faster CPU, better screen and instantaneous access to more media (movies, TV, music, video) than my two year old iPad. Which model, if i wanted to buy today with all its limitations, would still cost over ten times as much. Literally. Amazon has the idea. All hardware is there for companies to  exploit for marketing purposes. Give the shit away. Apple is at the other end and of course has been doing ok, ironically, mainly because their marketing for their hardware is so strong. That will not last without Jobs so they better get some fucking content. And no Beats by itself isn’t going to cut it. Already canceled Apple Music subscription for Spotify. Just a better experience and if Apple can’t win on design or experience then they have trouble.

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