Rent vs own

Anything. Everything. Is turning into a service. From cars to computers to phones. Hell, people too. Just kidding…kinda. This has become essential as the planned obsolescence society combined with the inevitable march of technology has forced us to a place where it becomes not only a disadvantage but inherently impossible to operate efficiently if you have technology or a service that is not current. Your phone will basically stop running your favorite app after a time simply because the software has evolved to take advantage of more CPU power and memory to run well on older hardware. Coming is the same for cars. As CPUs, ergo software, come to be the main components of vehicles it WILL matter how current your hardware is. Not only will your vehicle run more efficiently but it will actually be safer to operate a vehicle the more instantaneously current it is. Which comes to the point of this thing. Why buy hardware (or even software for that matter) at all? There will come a time where the iterations come so fast that it won’t make sense to own anything. It will put you at a disadvantage and will become too expensive transactionally. The best newest features should come to you automatically with no costs without having to go to a dealer and deal with an asshole or to the ATT store and deal with teenage asshole.

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