Trudeau vs That Asshole


Contrast. First thing that stands out. Decrepitness and slime versus class, virtue and youthful dignity. Who would have thought that we would ever be jealous of Canada (I mean, all you OG’s running from the lack of a draft back in the day, eh…). I mean they were always the staid perennial little brother. Even in their saner, steadier moments we were the ones that were dictating the action and forcing the reactions. Just by force we imposed our will and the neighborhood admired even if they didn’t always want to acknowledge. That schema has totally changed. The world is breathing sigh of relief and smiling looking at Canada while they recoil in fear and loathing when they accidently turn in our direction. Canada seems like all that’s progressive and right in the world, from Vice, to welcoming immigrants to Carribana to Trudeau riding in the back of a pick-up on a first nation rez. Fuck that, I’m going to Joe Beef for a visit this year… and if I like it i’m staying. Justin ain’t going to deport me.

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