Product Review: iPhone 7 v 5s


Love that 5 heavy. We over feeling insignificant being a goal? The 5 felt substantial. Like something that would be critical at a critical moment is supposed to feel. Solid. The 7 feels like plastic. Like a samsung. But hey, progress ain’t free and you left all your old good friends behind in the old hood anyway. So what’s different, hypocrite? Still, don’t mean you don’t miss them…and the hood. Back to the real, everything runs better on the 7. Much faster, as expected from another core. Makes a noticeable difference. One thing that doesn’t make as much of a difference as I thought it would is the screen size. Yes, it’s much bigger but not by enough to switch functions you use an iPad for to the phone. Just the shit you used to do on the smaller 5 is easier on the 7 but when you really have a long read or bid-ness to do, you will still switch to the iPad or laptop. So, upgrade no doubt. You’re forced to after all. Your 5 WILL stop updating its software. But you will miss that weight…and the hood, maybe?

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