Timmy Turner for the dumb party

p ryan sad

It’s time to get some burners and go to war with these cunts. They are so stupid it’s comical. They don’t know how to actually make laws. I mean the actual process. So the law actually is functional and does what it is intended to do. We’ve seen this how many times just in the last month. Just no time to get it reviewed for things like constitutionality. You know, stuff that might actually allow the law to survive elementary review. By a kindergarten class. After getting their asses kicked and learning the hard way very publicly about the process, you think they would use at least somewhat of a collaborative process as it would expose the dumbness in their bills before they put it put there and everybody knew what dumb asses  they were. But nooo. Too much sense that. They go and hide…yes, hide…both themselves and the new bill from anyone that could possibly criticize it, like smart people. Ot that kindergarten class that reviewed the immigration order before. So what happens…what you think. The bill is full of bullshit that any semi-normal person somewhat related to reality could have spotted and all exposed now and people in their party actually say, well…you know, there’s a bunch of bullshit in here. Lawdy. Lawd. Save us.

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