White Iverson

post malone golds
Post Malone. Motherfucker can’t even play ball. Talk about saucing somebody. But brilliant marketer. And his songs ain’t bad either. See, authenticity is all. How so, you say, with this motherfucker? Well, he is or at least believes he is, a rapper to the point where it’s believable to everyone else. Like, ahem, Eminem (with emphasis on belief). That guy would have never tried to out nigga folk. This dude is. Give this white nigga some props. Proving two things:
  1. Authenticity is all.
  2. To be truly authentic you must be all in.
There’s many a person with skill at something out in the world that are losing. No money, no recognition of their skill and no joy in their skills. Really, this is most professional people or people that are good at what they do. Dime a dozen. In this next economy, the only thing you truly own is your memory (experience) and what you do with that (creativity). That will become even more so going forward. As educated professionals get automated expect a new kind of collective anger we haven’t seen. Only way around it. Be what you be. To the greatest degree possible. Leave no doubt.

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