Fake News. Fake Strike.

van jones kayleigh.png
It’s not even noteworthy anymore the depths of depraved dishonesty that this administration will go to just to make an ignorant mentally degenerative asshole look plausible. What is noteworthy, is the premature ejaculation any semi-normal action by bannon or kushner (up in the air right now as to who is running shit. Perhaps they each have their own shadow governments in there. It would make sense as there is what you call a leadership and capability vacuum in that place) seems to cause in the press. These same traditional outlets with these long time “analysts” just shoot jizz every time this asshole acts like someone that is president. Acts like, I said. Cuz, good grief with the third grade reading from the teleprompter. But anyway, Van Jones came in his pants on camera when the asshole muddled his way through a list of horrible things he was going to do to anyone that wasn’t rich or white. There is no way that he didn’t have his dick out while he was on camera. Maybe that’s why they are always seated at a desk. And they are so quick with the cutaways. And no one has seen much of him since. You know he had his dick out. Now we have a fake missile strike that was coordinated with russia and assad and did no damage at all (I mean they left out planes that were broken to get “destroyed”. Shit would be comical if it wasn’t treasonous.) and the fucktards are back out on CNN (calling you out, Fareed.) squirming on their seats, breathing hard and closing their eyes in hallelujah PRAISE for this asshole. It is like these robots have faulty software that can never take into account the president of the United States  is a degenerate thief, fraud, liar and proud ignoramus.  They cant operate this way. It’s fucking with their OS. So they keep trying to get back to baseline positive assumptions to boot up. Something like, the president isn’t going to lie to us about things that were ON CAMERA or things that we can just go look up. Well that is a faulty piece of logic we all know now. Someone re-program these fuckers before they get us all killed.

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