gop suicide with the uzi

town-halls-gop police escort 20170210
They poisoned themselves with gerrymandering. They cheated, Citizen United money bullied and crooked in every way they could to create all these specific alt-hate districts where their guys COULD NOT lose. Does it really surprise anyone now that those guys don’t give a fuck. They CANNOT LOSE! They are the toxic children of ungodly helicopter parents at the national level. “Don’t worry, baby, mommy will make sure that you get your participation trophy.” Now those little evil fuckers have come for mommy and daddy with knives while they slept. There is nothing they won’t do. The President? Fuck u. The Speaker? Fuck u. Laws? Fuck u. Only way they can be harmed is not be hateful enough. Not be obstructionist enough. If they are not as hateful, ignorant and destructive as the people the gop carved out their districts to contain only then do they get a spanking. If they actually do something or agree with the infidels (in their own party!) then they get red bottoms. These are not red districts. They are toxic bombs of hateful destruction that want to suicide bomb our political system. And gop created them with gerrymandering. Good luck with that shit paul ryan. Good luck with that shit wht america who voted for the orange asshole.

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