Life Hack: It’s all compromise

Obama trudeau shaking hands
The more you get exposed to everything that gets thrown at you in a normal life it becomes more and more apparent that all of it, every bit, is solved (if that is possible, or at least mediated) by compromise. Everything those rich dudes told you, well, some of it was true. Everything in this life is negotiable. Even when they all tell you it ain’t. Perhaps it is especially important to realize this precisely when they tell you it isn’t so.  To find a zero sum situation where there is clearly one winner and a very clear loser is rare. I would say that this is because it is inherent in human nature to find a way to cooperate. Even at our own expense. Maybe more so at our own expense because we realize it makes the situation more lasting and sustainable if the other guy walks away with something too. This is instinctive it appears. I mean it’s still important to teach kids to share but I think this instinct is native. And lack of it is also. All the people you consider assholes do what? They take and don’t give. They leave no out. It’s all or nothing with them. Is this a prescriptive trademark of sociopaths? Seems so to me but I’m not qualified to diagnose. Mental or personality disorders that is. Assholery, fuck yeah, I can officially tell you who has that disease. Just having completed a heavy negotiation, it seems a universal diagnostic tool for all future relationships (work, familial, business, romantic). Start with a small conflict. See how much the other person gives if you do. If they try to take all and leave you with none, fucking run.

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