Street Life: Everybody Eats

 tribal chief
Life hack: Compromise Part Deux
The street version. When Ace Boogie says this in Paid in Full, he understood that this counter-intuitive instinct on the street is the only truly sustainable way to work a business or anything involving humans. Red Cloud and all the great chiefs knew it too. The whole tribe eats. Everyone. That’s what we do. It makes us who we are. It makes us stronger. It makes us loyal. And willing to die for the greater good. And, it is why we survive. No one can do it alone. People keep saying this in the most saccharine way in the most saccharine circumstances…but, it’s true. We all will not have everything we need at some point and having a group that understands this and provides for each other is the most resilient group survival system there is. Normally it’s family but it doesn’t have to be and it is becoming more likely that it will not be. Redundancy makes resilience. If not efficiency. From the internet to car loans, it’s ALWAYS better to have more than one way to get there or get what you need done, done. Everybody eats. It’s why chiefs gave all meat from hunts to old and children. Everyone eats. It’s the only way we all live.

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