Roger Ailes and Fox killed America

Fox News Motto – “People don’t want to BE informed, they want to FEEL informed.” So no actual news bureaus, no actual reporting, no real production, because straight commentary and opinion are cheaper. Just anchor desks, dudes that look like look anchors and blonde bitches showing much leg commenting on other people’s reported news. They didn’t even bother getting their own video. Ailes gave ethnophobic, xenophobic gop redneck dummies validation. They felt for the first time that they weren’t retarded and dumb for believing Jews controlled the whole world or Obama really was a spy from Kenya. Roger Ailes made these crazies feel validated. What that meant for Fox is: more dummies = feel validated by corroborated crazy ass conspiracy theories = pure profits. Ailes couldn’t have done it without Murdoch money and agreement but he had the vision to make white people feel totally justified in “feeling” (not thinking, because there isn’t logic in this) minorities were invading their space, muslims were trying to kill them in lilly white neighborhoods and “the” jews were beaming lies into their brains. The real truth was on Fox. Between the puppy segments. Bullshit and puppies. Alternating. As a business philosophy. Roger Ailes killed America.

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