How to start grinding

gary v
It doesn’t come from one day to the next. There are many three click days. Ten click days. Till it starts to build momentum. One hundred. Five thousand. A hundred thousand. If you’re smart and you grind, you can’t help but make money. Straight from Lil’ Weezy. Seems alright to take advice from dude. He created plenty out of absolutely nothing. And will tell you how many bad deals or contracts he was in and grinded through. Now he owns his own creativity. And the company that used to own his. That’s making it in my book. Own your shit. Paramount. Then if you happen to take over the place that used to own you, shit, doubled the pot. Same message from Gary Vaynerchuk. He talks about building the audience from his wine blog. How it took grinding through posts and vlogs, promotional appearances to get ten clicks in a week. Then grinding to four hundred clicks. Then thousands. Then the Today show. Then Kimmel. Then hundreds of thousands of followers to an influence agency. Surprising but both Lil’ Wayne and Gary V stress the process, the grind. A’ la Nick Saban. Maybe dude actually knows something about winning. It’s funny how he talks about it religiously but everyone thinks there is some secret magic shortcut he has that brings him the rings. It can’t be that simple. Well, it’s not, because when they rarely lose, he always talks about how hard it is to maintain that focus on the process. The grind. People’s natural inclination is to look ahead. To want to focus on the rewards. To pre-taste them. Before they are cooked. It’s funny that across the board, from Nick Saban to Young M.A., when you really get into a deep convo with successful people across extremely different paths in life they always come back to the grind. The process. Ten thousand hours to become an expert. Nothing is free. Especially when it looks so much so. How did she just pop like that? She didn’t. She was grinding in Brooklyn since she was eight. Waited out the trap sound. Stayed Brookyn down every day. Then people caught up. Grinding. How do you start? You just do.

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