Trump’s Dirty Secrets

trump ivanka putin lol
CIA says the Steele dossier is true. Russia has years of kompromat from girls to illegal money. Seriously. If you are a thinking human being. Even if you are one of his goons and really really don’t want to but belong to the previous category. Is there any credible way you can truthfully say (if even only to yourself) that Trump is owned by Russia and his behavior almost proudly proclaims it. From being so excitedly wet at the prospect of meeting Putin in person, to hosting the officials who executed Russian election hacking on the ground in the oval office and letting them bring spy equipment in but banning all American press, then telling them that he had just gotten rid of their problems by firing the FBI director, to everyone around him meeting seemingly every day in secret with some Russian, to Jared trying to set up a direct line to the Kremlin IN THE RUSSIAN EMBASSY! Seriously. Admit it. You know that this orange fucker is completely owned by Putin. And seems to be almost proud of it. Seems to admire the fact that he is being blackmailed and used to defile America. When he says that Putin is a great leader I don’t think that he is blowing smoke up Putin’s ass. I think he is sincere. That is what he thinks is leadership. Straight and complete criminal abuse and suppression of a nation’s people. And the ambition to bring this model to the free world which has scorned you as irrelevant. Russia has been blackmailing people for decades as a national strategy.
They aren’t in any way new to this:
I mean, you heard the guy brag about grabbing women by the pussy because he just wanted to and thought he could. You saw him feel up Ivanka ON STAGE AT THE GOP CONVENTION! Tell me that wasn’t perverted. Now tell me you don’t think Russia has tapes of him being peed on. That you really don’t think this man would want to do that. You know better.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Dirty Secrets

  1. One sure way to hit their support is by having the NRA turn on them.

    Here is how. Make the NRA understand that the national voter registry is one step towards a national gun owner registry.

    Once you have a national voter registry how hard is it to go down the list and check off which own a gun, and thus create a national gun owner registry?

    Not hard at all!!!!!!!

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