Trump and GOP = MAGA!

Donald Trump

Make America Greedy Again! These people want to take health from 25 million Americans to give more money to rich friends. What scumbag douches. Who even does that? Sane people have called it the greatest transfer of wealth to the top 1% in recent history. That’s vital because really, really rich people in this country severely need the government’s help getting even more rich. Shit, we all can see that. Undebatable. Sooo, here comes this slapstick crazy congress and the clown show that is the white house to rescue the poor billionaires of America. Make this country venal as fuck again! This is the America that Eisenhower warned us about. The great general President warned us to watch corporations as there is really nothing they wouldn’t do to make a buck, including taking over the government. And that my friends is exactly what the Koch brothers aim to do. You think they are spending billions of their own and rich friends’ money solely to keep black people from voting and export all brown people from the country? Oh no, they want much much more. Matter of fact, they want it all. And your spineless puppet scaredy cat white congressman is more than happy to help them get it. It doesn’t even really take that much money. These people will take a fist up the ass to be ventriloquisted for a few thousand dollars every couple of years. Why so eager? Because some of the money is being used to keep “the blacks” from voting and sending the brown people who speak with accents back to wherever the fuck they came from! That’s all these small white men care about. They…care, about that so much that they are more than willing to sell their own down the fucking river. Here’s the kicker with that….the dumb fucks being exploited and raped by the rich and their ass-fisted congressional puppets are enraptured to be abused so! They love it! Don’t believe it? Go to any redneck town that is being ravaged by a drug corporation induced opiate crisis and whose addicts get all their treatment via medicaid, and ask them if they love that orange asshole put in place by putin and they will tell you they love him! And their congressman, who they never see but know he loves guns and hates black people. They. Love. Being. Used. Like. Whores.

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