From Russia with Love

clinton trump-putin
Russia was trying to elect a lap dog. Hacked DNC in fear of Hillary killing Putin. Vladimir Putin was so scared that Hilary would become president that he would have literally done anything to ensure it didn’t happen. He knew that if it did happen there was a good chance that he would not only lose his office and influence, maybe his freedom but that there was also good possibility that he would lose his life. Hillary promoted the 2011 massive demonstrations. Those showed russian discontent and shook Putin to his core. He felt intensely vulnerable after that. And he blamed Hillary directly.. And he felt that she mocked him as less than manly for pointing it out. After all, wasn’t this the way he had always played this international power game? He prided himself and being the most ruthless and savvy participant in the international arena. Now here was this American…bitch, beating him up and essentially laughing about what a pussy he turned out to be. Anger, yes. Absolute combustible rage that turned into a icy cold burning hatred. More important and consequential than the anger and hatred though was the absolute fear. A cold belly of dread that cannot be unthawed. That knowing sense of inevitable destruction from another that seems in inevitable because it is. And everyone knows it. Even your friends that try to buck you up. The Kremlin was sapped by fear and loathing and it was eating Putin from the inside out. He knew he had ruled by the same fear principle for so long, had killed so many from this principle, had stolen so much from his country, that if he was removed from power there was no doubt that the people would kill him within days. This was the mindset of the former KGB officer at the head of the russian state as Hillary continued to shine on the campaign. Anything. He would do anything….to keep her out and stay alive.

2 thoughts on “From Russia with Love

  1. Hillary love wars she supported the war in. The. War in Iraq ,the war in Libya ,Israels war. Against the Palestinian. Probably. Have started the War Against Russia. TRUMP AND HILLARY IS SUPPORTED BY WALLETS When 1 procent own 90 procent of the countrys wealth. Poor people


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