Trump: No, YOU did that so bigly, not me!

Obama James-Comey-robert mueller
Russians instructing Trump on propaganda techniques. Have been since campaign. Look at everything he says or does when caught doing something criminal. Deflects with fucking non-sense, i.e., covfefe. Accuses the accusers of exactly what he’s been caught doing. Or threatens to expose the accusers with what the third world russians use so much they actually have name specifically for the process and product, kompromat. From the moment he knew russia was going to interrupt the election he started saying it was going to be rigged. That was when he and the third world russians thought they couldn’t hack enough votes for him to come close. Obama thought the same thing so decided to hang back, let the election play out, Hillary win then crush Putin. But then James Comey decided he just had to be a fucking famous boy scout and say, you know there possibly, maybe, could be, some more emails but he really didn’t know as he didn’t have the computer and hadn’t actually seen any of the emails so you know, just saying. Goes without saying that he thought Hillary was going to win too. Doesn’t matter what he said in public and how flawed he is, you cant imagine him going back now and doing the same thing knowing this ignorant orange third world russian clown would be installed to destroy our democracy. Then the orange asshat gets caught telling another loser clown how he loves to grab bitches by their pussies and they let him because he’s on TV. This automatically loses what little chance he had at winning. Until he starts calling Bill Clinton a serial abuser (guarantee Bill didn’t have to grab them against their consent or by surprise). Then miracle of miracles, guccifer starts hacking Hillary emails and releasing thousands day after day. There’s nothing there but lunch orders, pant suit comparisons and made up shit guccifer injected, but still, it changes the narrative. Then 10,000 more third world russian trolls show up online all of a sudden to help peddle more shit. Hmmm, collusion anyone? (They are so stupid they made the trail so obvious to Mueller. Only practiced russian tradecraft can save them now.) Finally, Trump is so mad at Sessions for not being able to shut this down for him that he’s whipping him in public. And threatening Mueller. Again, in public. He may eventually embarrass Sessions and himself so much that other republicans get Sessions to quit but scare Mueller? He’s put many mobsters in jail before and went home, had a snack and a nap. Trump’s dead.

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