The Lying General

Federica wilson kelly trump red graphic
Trump’s General Lies. Video Proof Found.
How do men (some cases women, but mostly men are the guilty ones here, par the course) that have until this point lived normal lives (sometimes extraordinary lives) that include public and self respect then all of a sudden throw all of that accumulated reputational capital into the fire pit and debase themselves for Trump? I mean humiliate themselves to the point where there is no possible public rehabilitation. Think Spicey, Scaramouche, Priebus, Sessions, Price, Lord, Conway, Flynn, Manafort, Tillerson and now general Kelly. The grown up in the room. The Nick Saban of the White House process. The punctual baby sitter supreme. He was supposed to throw himself in front of the button to keep Trump from pushing it. Well, all that shit is out the window. The lying General has soiled himself. Now we know he is a fucking kook scumbag like the rest of them. And he was on top of the marine corp at some point. Which just goes to show don’t trust the generals, ever. And if you are black or brown, these are the kind of racist motherfuckers you are dying for. That are giving you orders to die. That you willingly kill for. Big question you need to ask yourself there. Like, why the fuck am I or would I do that for these types of people. Remember, before they brought him in to baby sit, he was implementing Trump’s racist immigration polices like the muslim travel ban. He was all gung ho about the shit too. So spare a man all the, “He is looking out for the country by serving Trump,” bullshit. Just go ahead and miss me with that. So now, Trump does his orange asshole thing and acts totally ignorant and moronic on a call to a soldier’s wife and ends up saying something supremely stupid, offending everyone that hears it on speaker phone and makes the wife cry harder. Then he attacks the black congresswoman who calls him out on it saying she is lying and he has proof. Well turns out his proof is his general, who confirms what the black congresswoman said. BUT, the general now comes out to bat for Trump by telling a derogatory story about the black congresswoman from a FBI building dedication. Painting her in dog whistles as another ignorant negro just trying to get attention. (Very telling by the general that he goes straight to that.) But guess what? There is a video of the entire dedication. Not only does the black congresswoman not say anything the lying general says she said, but she effusively praises law enforcement and tells how important it was to her to honor the men the building is named for. The general lied. He knew when he came out he was going to lie to paint the black congresswoman as a ignorant negro needing attention. He knew that people would take his word over hers as he was an upstanding WHITE GENERAL. Who the fuck is this negro black woman in contrast to his golden warrior light? He was going up there to tell a make believe story about her to ruin and destroy her on a national platform so all the other negroes know to stay in their place. Well, again, there happened to be a tape. He didn’t count on that. Although with a little thought he should have. I mean, you have to count on some parent or spouse or some-fucking-body recording the boring speeches at a public building dedication. At least to put a clip into the retirement video down the road. But he didn’t think anyone would dare refute his golden warrior self. Well turns out black congresswoman Federica Wilson has been dealing with crazy ass white people for a bit. Plus she’s from Miami. So she ain’t letting nobody lie on her and just let the shit go. So she called both the lying general and his orange asshole boss out. For the second time. Miami don’t run. So here lies the soiled general. Another self exposed victim of thinking that people outside their little kooky bubble actually buy the shit they are trying to sell. And he’s ruined forever. And we, good people, are no closer to knowing why these men and women set themselves on fire like this.

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