Mueller Brings Trump Hammer Down

Trump Ultimate Target.
So it begins. And the end game is not only visible but obvious to everyone. Here’s a clue if you are fact myopic, it does not end well for Trump. Or his family. Or his money. Or his properties. Or his freedom. No matter how much that crooked faced monstrosity lies from the white house podium, his orangeness and the rest of his deplorable minions know the walls are moving in and getting taller and that Robert Mueller is a very serious man. The type which this bunch of amateur idiot grifters have not encountered before. They are like trapped animals at this point with everyone backing to the walls and bringing out the long knives. Check out atmosphere Vanity Fair describes.
Bannon is trying to get his orangeness to fire his lawyers and go nuclear in the name of Allah, the Prophet! Nevermind. Got caught up in that nationalistic fever for a quick minute. I meant to say, go nuclear to go to Valhalla in the name of Odin and all his blond brood! Or the Aryan Brotherhood and all their nasty prison tats. You know whichever white people nationalistic ideology most inspires you. Fight for them. It won’t help nasty face meth boy. Go back to the pipe. Bannon thought and still , for the moment, thinks he has awakened a movement. He hasn’t. They  suffer the same malady that all to readily affects the recently and accidently arrived. They think they did this all on their own. They didn’t. In fact they themselves had very little to do with it. Russia (meaning Putin) committed massive resources including unlimited active intelligence, rubles and a global network of operatives to ensure Hillary didn’t become president. Because of course this meant the death of Putin. Quite literally. And exposure and an end to all the riches and good times for his corrupt oligarchy. This was a life and death operation for them. Trump, Bannon and the other idiots were just the most convenient tools.
So as America continues to abandon his boy and his ineptness (new historic lows in approval rating every day now), Bannon continues to think he can keep being a player in this game. In fact he is already been dealt out. An accidental guest. Soon the serious people of the United States will show all, including midget putin, that the foundation of this thing is a kind of deep that you just cannot kill with social media bots, fox news mental invalids or scumbag frightened white failed businessmen. America’s foundation is the seventh wave. Deep, deep, below the surface.
Trump Russian Bot Army

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