A Russian in Every Closet.


Here a Russian. There a Russian. Everywhere a cossack!

Seriously. This shit is getting too dirty for me. That’s saying almost too much. 😉 How can any random group of people much less a presidential campaign be so infested with Kremlin cronies? I mean, every single day there is a new revelation that pops out another Russian like a Mexican clown out of a Volkswagen. Jesus. What do they call it? Information overload? Information fatigue? I’m a downright admitted cynic who expects the worst of human behavior and still even I am disheartened and fucking shocked by these dirty ass scumbag grifters.

First you started with, “I am too smart, daddy!,” Don Jr., meeting up with russians, in all practically, in the FSB. Little Donny says it was about adoptions…. Come to find out the russians in the meeting are telling a different story now. Dropping dimes to Mueller about little Donny offering sanction relief for Hillary emails. Never trust a cossack, smarty pants!

Then the gay (as in happy) little elf in the DOJ was trying to get all girly feisty with Kamala in senate hearings about meeting with russians then lying about it on all confirmation forms and hearings. Again, we have russians telling a different story than the light in the pants forest gnome. This is the fucker supremely in charge of American justice. (Let your tears roll patriots. No one judges here. One of those snowflake safe spaces rednecks deride before they go shoot up a church with babies in it.)

Flynn and his precious baby Jr are next in cuffs. Mueller is just leaking shit left and right letting them sweat before he comes to the door. Bobby M fucking with them before he cuffs them is funny. And fitting. I love that shit like rednecks love ignorance! So Mueller lets daddy Flynn know he has the goods on their treason (meaning death penalty). Daddy Flynn cries, “Don’t kill my baby!” So they work something out. THEN, genius baby keeps running his mouth. So guess what? Back to the heavy shit for Mueller. When will these fuckers learn he is a very serious man who is very capable and he has a serious sense of duty for this country and he believes that these scumbags have committed unforgivable intentional harm to it. And he intends to rectify that.

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