Fox News: Trump Denies Sky Blue.

roy moore pedophile

Fox says Obama and Clinton spray painted it at night. To distract from Benghazi.

Yes, we DO all think you’re morons, Alabama.

That’s what Bannon was going around Alabama telling the Roy Moore rednecks during the primary against Luther Strange. Telling them the educated elite in the republican party in DC thought they were fucking retarded. Well…is there any proof against? This was before Roy Moore was exposed for diddling little girls and we learned cops knew not to allow the pervert abuser in the mall. So now we have the pervert clown denying he ever has seen a woman under eighteen in his entire life and all of these former little girls saying he abused them are devil liars! He DENIES it! So Trump says, “He denies it.” So as long as you deny reality then that means you don’t have to account for it. Fucking slop face bitch Sarah Sanders says the difference between Trump raping 13 year olds and being accused by 20+ women of sexual abuse and Senator Franken is the fact that Franked admits it and apologized while the orange fat fucking fantasist denies it. He talks about doing it on tape but he denies actually doing it. The 20+ women are ALL lying. Fucking people. This is the universe Fox news has introduced along with infowars and breitbart. Anything can be truth as long as you deny reality. Attack reality and those that show it, as untrustworthy, and you can get morons that are full of fear and loathing to believe what-ever-the-fuck you tell them to. Puppies and bullshit. All day long on Fox. Take a peek for yourself. Puppy pic. Puppy video. Clinton sex ring. Literally the segment lineup. That’s why you have these fucking retard rednecks in Alabama thinking that all those teenage girls are lying about clown ass Roy Moore (I mean, comon. The little cowboy costume with the too tight vest at a rally. And the tiny toy gun. Weird ass clown. Jeff Sessions creepy level.) Unfucking believable. Literally.

This is what happens when a group of people are scared to fucking death. Literally. White people think at any moment niggers and mexicans are going to get some payback for all the pain that they ever caused. Especially in the south. It’s always been more overt in the south but now the fear so fills their eyes that it’s pathetic. Wonder why 53% of white women in the south voted for Trump? They are scared to fucking death that the niggers are coming to rape them at any moment, like their daddy’s told them they would if you didn’t control them with fear. People, especially the white press, try so hard to make this about some sort of economic hardship that a group of people are facing. They at least now identify the group causing the trouble as the white working class. But every time Trump attacks Lavar Ball. Or NFL players with dreadlocks. They cheer, “Fuck those niggers!” All that economic anxiety melts.We black, brown and red people knew what this was from the beginning. Hate crime up 35%? Only white people are shocked. EVERYTHING is about race in this country. It was founded by denying human rights to groups of people while proclaiming human rights universal….for whites. EVERYTHING in this country is about race.

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