WTF Alabama?

roy moore baby pistol

Creep Roy Moore banned from local mall.

“Rather a pedophile than a Democrat.”

That’s what someone in Alabama actually said. That they would rather have a person that sexually hurts defenseless children than an upright moral citizen of accomplishment because they belong to the Democratic party. That’s where Fox news has taken us folks. With the help of Russians. Off the edge and into the abyss. I mean, comon, dude was banned from the MALL! For trying to diddle teenage girls. Could anyone condemn violence against this fucking creep.

That’s the thing. There are STILL people in this state trying to defend him. People that loudly proclaim their identification with Christ and declare themselves Godly. Not only do they passively decline to comment or condemn but vociferously attack the Godless Media from up north and out of state homosexuals. And Democrats everywhere of course. You know, the ones behind this desire of his to stalk little girls. Write inane shit in their high school yearbooks at age thirty eight. It’s all because Democrats from the Washing ton Post asked them if dude had diddled them! Devils! Why ask them? If you don’t ask them they know to keep quiet and not make trouble for these fucking southern white male perverts.

There was a Twitter thread by a woman who grew up among these southern evangelicals where she claimed that they are so angry not because of the abuse or behavior but because the Post gave the women the courage to talk. To tell their stories. Because as she stated, this behavior is commonplace. It is encouraged, accepted and then excused even when unexpected. The church teaches the women to regret their guilt when this happens to them and to forgive their violator. And most importantly, don’t talk about it. Go pray on why you gave off the “I want to be abused scent” with their impure thoughts. This, she says, is how the southern evangelical church enforces the male hierarchy.

It’s a social structure as much as a religion. A strict discipline vehicle disguised as a way of life useful to white males in the south to enforce any orthodoxy they find desirable. Like slavery. If it’s more useful to them not to pay their labor. Why you have so many evangelicals, so called Godly men, quoting scripture at klan rallies to justify their utter immorality, greed and evilness. As a matter of fact, klan rallies are built on the structure of the sacrament. Again using the religious structure, in this case the process of worship, to codify and bring societal uniformity to their hate. White men have always done this in the south. Their religiosity, love of tradition and intricate ritual hiding the fear of people, especially women and blacks, waking up and realizing they’ve been bamboozled. Massa ain’t got on no clothes. Is weak. And can’t defend himself. And you have a big stick. And fire. Burn motherfucker, burn.

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