The Best Little Boy

indian boy smile

He smiles straight out of a tantrum at stranger’s. It delights them. He runs with his head down like it makes him more aerodynamic. Especially when he needs speed like when he has taken something he knows he is not supposed to have. He bounces then because his legs are still short and he doesn’t quite have the rhythm of running yet. He’s puzzled by squirrels because they don’t make noise and are able to go so high in trees. As opposed to dogs he sees who always have something to say to him and lumber across the grass. When he tries to understand something new you can almost see the depth of the universe in his stare. A deep deep natural state of innocent respect for the simplest wonders. It’s delightful to realize that’s where we all start. It brings back the wonder at the world.

He cries when you leave. He yelps when he sees you come in the door. At home or at school. He follows you everywhere. Wants to do everything you do. Eat what you eat. Drink what you drink (No va chico). His philosophy seems to be why walk when you can carry him. Efficient. For him as he gets heavier every day. But you do it because sometimes it’s more because he just wants to lay his head on your shoulder with his arms around your neck then about transport over rough terrain. Sometimes it seems a form of meditation for you both. Don’t need to move. Just stand there and lean in on each other. Then you understand why people go to impossible lengths for small ones. Everything that matters and is real in the universe moves through them into you. Now you understand the deep rhythms.

So how do some not. Understand those deep waves that tie all the things in the universe together. And fundamentally violate the oldest laws. Turn the meditation to pain and fear. Turn the yelps to dread, which should never be in a small one’s emotional vocabulary. How is it possible that even when there are primary blood ties, these people seem not to be connected in any way? How can that happen. Nothing is wrong with those newest to the world. They have no history. Well, not ones that they are responsible for. So the brokenness lies in the old soul. And here it really is telling that Native medicine addresses the spirit. The idea that it is not only what you can see and quantify that affects the real. These people are broken because they are not in phase with the the deep natural rhythms of the universe or compilations of spiritual wisdom or natural laws, however you would like to put it. They are wrong in the deepest sense. Out of a natural state. Unhinged and lost. There must be a re-connection to that natural rhythm to have any chance at real healing. That all starts with a recognition by all (not only the elders) that there is a natural state. Deeper than we know.

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