All the Best (Liars, Criminals and Pedophiles)


Trump gives us his twisted insane, infirm and plain ugly. Hires degenerate hacks to give him a warm fuzzy feelings around his asshole and take his raging mad king abuse. Run him trough, kingslayer.

You can start with Huckabee Sanders. That slop faced knowingly evil hack. She’s a product of attrition obviously. All the others were even more incompetent than her. From Spicey giving secret briefings in the bushes to the Mooch calling Bannon out on sucking his own cock (I still have some sympathy for him just for that.) The gop always tries to claim the purely emotionless logic of a position even when they are blatantly lying or plainly just making shit up. Only certain people can do this full in the face of facts. Just live in another reality while staring at puzzlement and bewilderment without breaking form. Think house mouth Kellyanne and this bitch. She has no soul and absolutely no shame. It all shows in that face.

Stephen Miller. Lol. Fucking young prematurely balding vampire geek. This guy even pisses off the retards that worship Trump. Not by what he says but just the way his face looks when he thinks he’s winning an argument. There is something primal in all humans (even evangelicals) that want to punch him in the fucking mouth. This is the best they can do. Some dude who got off on picking on janitors in high school and will never in his life get consensual pussy.

Sessions. Fucking little lord fountleroy stuttering elf. Of course this is the klansman that hired Miller as an INTELLECTUAL underpinning his senate strategy. He hired that retard to help him think through positions and strategy. I said, he hired….fuck, never mind. I could go on all day trying to make myself, never mind others, come to grips with the absolute lack of brain stuff that signifies. Sessions is another siissy motherfucker that everyone, conservative or otherwise, can’t help but feel an strange urge to violence well in their guts when they view him on screen. There appears to be a trend here of Trump hiring phony wannabe sissiy cuckboys to surround himself with. Maybe there is something to his biographer’s claim that he greatly fears black men. Let’s continue then.

Bannon. Hmmm, the trend grows. Another phony ass tough guy that has the look of a methed out homeless crackhead. Word around Miami is that him and his wife were cooking meth out of a crack house in Coconut Grove. Sounds plausible. And explains a lot. Like how this motherfucker looks. WTF!? Is that skin or some Wild Bill shit from Silence of the Lambs? Surely looks like he took someone else’s skin and stretched it over his face. And didn’t really measure or quality check before he grabbed it. And it’s totally fitting, Because the look reminds you that this man is on leave from the hottest parts of hell specifically on the devil’s personal quest to destroy all that is good in mankind. Someone needs to send him back.

Finally, Roy Moore. A crazed, sweating bible fisting nut job child diddler. That Alabama loves. How sad is that. This guys is KNOWN by cops, prosecutors, mall management and every parent of a young girl in town to chase little girls. Sometimes in COURT! And yet the…people of Alabama are more than ready to send him to Washington to represent them. That is what religion does to things that require collective rational thinking that leads to self compromise. It completely destroys it. In the name of God of course. For the salvation of all the sinners in the world. The founders of this nation had seen this before on the European continent. Mass insanity in the name of God. And they specifically chose to separate it from the very practical matters of collective group survival. As we see it erode we see all of their ideals set to fire on a massive cross in the night.

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