GOP Looting America in Broad Daylight

gop tax laughs

Robbing honest Americans. Their children. And grandchildren.

GOP having parties about fucking your family for a generations.

And they don’t give a fuck you’re sitting there across the street watching them. At your low pay job. While they laugh and drop money on the way out the door. Thing is the money isn’t even for them. They’re doing a heist for their masters. No shame about it. If you ask them they’ll honestly tell you their doing it so they can keep their richest donors rich enough that they will still get money from them. So that they can go back to congress and do the exact same fucking thing. It’s a hellish dystopian circle of hell. Groundhogs day for the other 99% just in case they ever doubted the GOP was ever about anything other than the destruction of government.

Now, as more and more of the dumpster fire of lobbyist crayon notes becomes public, the more just, “the fuck you gonna do,” brazenness becomes apparent. I mean it’s one thing to celebrate the shit. They know what the fuck they did was robbery plain and simple. But to do the shit solely because you think you can without knowing, caring or bothering to look at how it would effect America and real people just goes directly to the fucked up thing that the GOP has become (if it ever was anything else.) It’s no coincidence that Bannon and his nihilism somehow intersected with the main apparatus of the GOP, the RNC. They both have the exact same goals as Bannon states as his, it’s just that the GOP has to this point preferred to cloak their naked hate in the the costume of a concern about the original minimalistic intent of the country’s founders and their mistrust of government as an overwhelming force in people’s lives. They have now pulled off that cloak to reveal their nakedness and put on the pig’s head masks while they rub poor people’s blood all over themselves to mark the beginning of the orgy.

They love to smugly cite false history or suspect scholarship to make points about how the progressives always seem to ignore history and the follies their predecessors have encountered with their faith in government as a force of good for the people of this country, all the while continuing to go back time after time to completely failed experiments like trickle down economics. After Reagan (where even he was embarrassed and raised taxes after a year) and W. and Brownback’s Kansas, everyone knows that some imaginary explosion in growth never pays for tax cuts. Everyone knows this because either everyone saw it first hand or they can add and subtract the resultant demonstrated budgets. Everyone knows this, sees it and acknowledges it except for….the GOP. Again they are promising the voodoo of tax cuts will mean MORE money for the budget rather than less. You see, 1 + 1 = 2,305!

There has been no other political party in history that so totally disregards, ignores and, now, just denies facts as the GOP. Not even communists took the renunciation of reality to this level. And they controlled people’s complete existence! You couldn’t really tell they were lying because they didn’t let you check. The GOP knows you know can look up shit in seconds to find out they are lying before they finish their sentence and STILL fucking tell the lie without even changing their faces. And it’s all to what purpose? Seriously, why all this fervent hateful effort to gerrymander, suppress votes, cut taxes for richest of rich, cut school lunches, pre-k, social security, health care and medicaid? Why this evangelical desperation? Now it has been exposed. It has finally come into the light with Trump. It’s hate. All of this because they hate black and brown people and want to choke them to death. They want them gone or dead. It’s always been but now they see no point in hiding it anymore. And the oligarchs orchestrate it all while enjoying days of wine and cheese. And never ever read the part of history where the fuckers in wigs got burned and guillotined for the exact same shit.

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