Haha. He is as Dumb as We All Thought.


trump crazy6 steadman cartoon

Donald Trump has lost his mind.

And Fox and the GOP Don’t Give a Fuck.

The shit is terrifying and fucking hilarious at the same time. I mean it has always been obvious to anyone who didn’t watch Fox or wasn’t so racist that any white man denigrating brown and black people could never do wrong. I mean comon, the guy so obviously is massively ignorant, can’t remember shit and has no impulse control to the point where it only makes sense if he is batshit crazy or mentally deteriorating.

It’s all out there even if you haven’t been paying attention. You have seen it. The guy seems to enjoy humiliating himself. You can see him puffing himself up in his head. You can see it when he goes from slouch to sticking his chest out. It’s physically visible. Then he just shits all over himself. Like going in front of the cameras for the national anthem at the college national championship game and NOT KNOWING THE FUCKING WORDS to the national anthem! It’s unbelievable. He KNEW the cameras would be all in his grill and the fucker went out there and did the weird twisting body dance and patted his chest about twenty times like he couldn’t feel it. THEN he tried to sing the fucking thing without knowing the words. SMFH. What kind of sane person (never mind executive) does shit like that? None.

His dementia is on full display at those fucking klan rallies he just loves doing too. His weird ass body movements, yelling into the mic and the slurred speech with the constant repetition. He has lost his ever loving mind. Anyone who has ever seen even a clip knows this. And yet. And yet. Where the fuck are the GOP representatives in congress saying this shit has gone too far? We obviously have a madman in control of the most powerful armed forces in the world which include an anihilistic amount of nuclear weapons. They say nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. They know he is fucking “stupid as shit” and “fucking crazy” yet they say nothing about it. They actually PRAISE him! They fucking PRAISE him. Around those tables like a bunch of just craven beaten cucks.

See they know Putin fucking wrecked our democracy by hacking our elections and installing Trump and they give no fucks. You can see it in the way they are obsessively looting the country with nary time for anything else. Look at the tax cut they just passed. They sold the country for decades to their billionaire donors and laughed. Popped that Veuve (if they even knew what that was. Why do rich white guys have such bad taste?). Now they are rushing to complete the capitation of the American people by cutting social security and medicaid. Seriously. This shit is unbelievable to me. Unless you intentionally want to destroy the lives of almost every American for the benefit of a few rich white guys there is no way to understand this. So, they all know Trump is a “fucking moron” and “dumb as shit” but they aren’t going to do anything about it besides rape and pillage America while the king idiot drools in the corner with his smartphone.

So hahahaa. We are all doomed.


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