#tribal leadership

Sioux Chiefs Full Headress
Leadership wisdom passed down from the big chiefs when failure meant death. Everybody eats. That was always a given. And it was unspoken. Instinctual. It had to be. When you are fighting for your lives everyday you don’t have time or the mental/emotional surplus to wonder whether you should protect this person or if you should share your hunt meat with that person. In the most real sense, you innately understand that the tribe is you and you are the tribe. There is no separation or disassociation. It was natural. The punishment reserved for the most egregious crimes? Banishment. A separation from the tribe. A separation from yourself. What did this mean? Death. There are so many people living the modern version of this. Of course, we are too humane to let them die or be killed by the elements or enemies. But still they suffer as much. Maybe more. They are separated from their tribes. Have no one. Miss the gut level certainty that goes without having not one doubt about the people surrounding them. They have no protection. Even from themselves as they are also separated from their soul. Give someone a tribe and all that entails and you have loyalty and performance for life. Go build a tribe.

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