loyalty lone survivor
Loyalty is a currency. Back when I was building software, there was a time when for two times a year the whole viability of the company rested on two nights. Two separate week long periods really, but the bulk of intense data transactions and client interactions came on two days, 24/7. Seriously, the future of the company depended on everything being handled during this period so nothing could kill the company. Shit will always go wrong though, right? That’s just software. Our task was to foresee it all, kill problems before they happened and deal with the crazy random shit so deftly that anyone hardly noticed anything happened. I had always cultivated a small team of handpicked people to train and test for these periods. By the time second buyers of the company were reviewing operations they were concerned and skeptical such a small team could handle the anticipated volume. We showed them the live execution a tight team that trusts and protects each other can perform. I told them then that this is why I do what I do and why I would rather go to this kind of war with these people than another hundred they were thinking about hiring. It was in the trust. That we had built together, In the office and out. We KNEW each other. No bullshit. Knew what was important in the data and could anticipate trends. The buyers later hired hundreds of people to do this anyway and half the people were managing the other half with diminished performance still. Trust. This is why I went to battle with those MF’s. In the most intense situations the loyalty is cultivated through training then circumstance and adrenaline. What do soldiers fight and die for? The idea of America? Of freedom? No. They fight for the love and loyalty they feel for the dude beside them. Same way in business. In families. In life. Like Future say, I know Lomo coming with the A and the R. That’s why it’s hard to get a MF that’s part of a tight unit to give up. He know Lomo coming with the A and the R. And Lomo lighting every MF up for his boy.

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