Is that a real poncho?

kardashians Cosmopolitan-Magazines-50th-Birthday
I mean is that a mexican poncho? Or is that a sears poncho? Hmmm. No fooling.
Authenticity. That is the new content. The new affiliate. The new Coke. And cocaina too. We say this as we watch explicitly manufactured made for reality TV moments masquerading as real life. We even have that shit in the White House now. You know that orange fucker really, really wants to say, “You’re fired!,” from the podium. I lay a hundred down he says it before they send his ass to jail. Anyway, what does it mean to truly be authentic? is it enough to just proclaim it, forget about it and never look back? Maybe. But I think it’s harder than that. The very first thing I think is required is significant introspection. How can you be authentic if you have never even looked at what might be you versus what might be outside influences? Don’t think you can. This is where, I think, we lose most people. Because this takes time. Isn’t always pleasant. And depending, may produce no edification at all. Them’s the breaks and all but necessary to any claim to true authenticity. No shortcuts here. Once the inner knowledge is gained, outside influence can more readily be indentified. And of course, once identified there comes the final hard part. What to do, what to do? That’s something that deserves its own post but getting there isn’t easy and doesn’t give you any clues once you do.

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