You bought it at birth

lee clow apple-1984-runner
It might have been a gift from Ma and Pa. Maybe not. Either way, you own it forever. Actually, the only thing you ever really own. Authenticity. That. Right now, it’s the most valuable thing you have. Your biggest asset. And it will continue to grow as the future makes everything else obsolete. Seriously, people are fighting over coal jobs and willing to be their most vile selves to keep Mexicans from “stealing” their jobs and robots are lubing them up and about to bend them over. Mexicans ain’t coming for you. Put that shit on Fox. Eventually, every single skill we as a species have will be replaced. Artificial Intelligence will finalize that but for the vast majority of working humans it will happen way before AI really gets smart. Car manufacturing? Robots taking over now. White collar professionals? Not safe. Accounting will be next for automation. So what to do, what to DO?! Well, there is one thing that is so complex, so nuanced and infinitely variable that it will be the last thing that computers will get right, if they ever do. That’s you. Seriously. I know your first grade teacher told you that when they made fun of you but it’s biologically true. Says thank you to nature (or biology, evolution, god) sometime. The physical complexity which produced you along with the very unique to you experiences you have had as a result, almost guarantees that…you…are damn near impossible to replace. So why in the fuck are you trying to sell the world other shit they already have?

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