They don’t have no award for that

duty guard unknown grave in hurricane
Duty. I just do it cuz I’m supposed to. That’s the only reason. At some point in time every man and every woman comes to a point where there is something they are doing, some responsibility they have that starts to enrage them, hurt them, cost them or in some other way harm them. And this thing involves taking care of a another person or people. When this realization comes, it may even come with built in reasons not to continue. That are logical. But…there was a commitment made at some point. To see whatever this is, to the conclusion. Whether it was to an action or to a person or group. A commitment was made. A promise. And at all costs, it must be fulfilled. You can almost completely classify the world into people who understand this concept of duty against those who duck and run. Those who use all the logical excuses why their actions are optimal. But…we in the first group know that’s bullshit. You do what you say you are going to do. You do what you have to do to take care of your people. And there is no get out of jail free card or reason that does not shame you. Serious people know this. And fulfill their duty. Even when it hurts. When it kills. When it is against logic. Against the law. Duty. They don’t give no awards for that. You just do it cuz you supposed to.

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