trump time melt
Know it when I see it and all. Bet you do too. What else to call the monstrosity we have allegedly running our government? What else? The complete and absolute ignorance displayed by everyone in this administration makes sane intelligent people contemplate banning the gop and everyone in that utterly destructive party. There is a cycle that has been apparent since Eisenhower. And it has become more glaringly apparent since the teabag party formed to hate a  black president but it was there before that. Just not as obvious. Since the republican party has been hijacked and kidnapped by the religious, nationalist and racist right, there has been a total lack of consideration for constructive policy and a whorish slavishness to irrational emotional appeals tied to single issues that usually falsely vilify some american group of people. Now it is immigrants, Muslims in particular. or maybe Mexicans. Well, they just asked for more criminal records on Haitians so maybe it’s them now. Before under Nixon it was black people as the sole drug menace. Really what this vilification shoes is a complete lack of intellectual capital by the republican party. They have not only no new ideas, they have no fucking ideas at all! They have run out of ways of thinking about ways to help this country. They had eight years of swearing to kill not only Obama but Obamacare, to figure out what they wanted to replace it with. They had nothing when the opportunity dropped in their laps. NOTHING. They had not a single idea how it could be done. Which kind of implies they weren’t really thinking about it and just wanted to denigrate the black Kenyan Muslim in the white house, no? They are a dying party because their politics of accusal, subterfuge and division is a coverup, a con. They know it. Their core base is being browned and blacked out in this country. It’s not sustainable. Even as they cheat their way to short term “victories” they hurt themselves by colluding with hated foreign countries, demeaning openly half of the country and declaring every non-white the enemy. They deserve to die. they will. It will be messy. And a new day will rise without them and this country will be better for it. Restore some pride and dignity to our world in decline. Allez La France. Hup Holland Hup. Gehen Deutschland.

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