White House Down

Republican Presidential candidate Trump reacts as he speaks at the 2015 FreedomFest in Las Vegas
Trump going insane under investigation. The walls are closing in and their brains are shutting down. All the Watergate veterans on the pundit circuit always talk about what the pressure of an active criminal investigation does to people. How intensely, unimaginably stressful that is. Well, hopefully you and I never get to find out but we can view the truth of that just by watching the clown show that this administration has become in the last couple of weeks. They are melting down. Flailing and thrashing around like a wounded animal. Belly slit and bleeding all over the place. The orange asshole is yelling at the TV’s HE put all over the place. (Where are the hilarious emojis in this editor?) All ten of the second rate lawyers he has are out there making up shit as they go and making absolutely no logical sense. The rats like Pence, Jared and even Ivanka are running for the exits, yanking their names out of companies and fighting over the few lawyers still willing to work on this shit show. And Mueller is calmly applying the screws like the professional assassin he is. Hiring the most experienced prosecutors that have flipped mobsters, Enron executives and international financial rogues alike. Trump is dead. And Paul Ryan is the only one still smiling. Like he just shit his pants in church. That should tell you where the grand old party is at nowadays.

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