Donald Trump is a Traitor

And we go further down the rabbit hole….

Speak Memory...

trump puin kiss
Now is the time for hard patriots. The Presidency Has Been Hijacked. Fuck all niceties. The Presidency has been hijacked by the lesser midget putin, a malignant crazed meth smoking anarchist (bannon) and a mentally degenerative imbecile child crybaby with a kindergarten education (trump). As Charles Blow points out, they have hijacked the presidency and America will be taking that back right about now, thanks assholes. As Blow states, “Every now and then we are going to have to do this: Step back from the daily onslaughts of insanity emanating from Donald Trump’s parasitic presidency and remind ourselves of the obscenity of it all, registering its magnitude in its full, devastating truth.
There is something insidious and corrosive about trying to evaluate the severity of every offense, trying to give each an individual grade on the scale of absurdity. Trump himself is the offense. Everything that springs from him, every person who…

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