Donald Trump Loves Nazis.

Torch-bearing white nationalists rally around a statue of Thomas Jefferson on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville.
Donald Trump hates you though. You are not a fine, good people nazi. He keeps saying it. Over and over. He makes fun of how many times he has said it. Sane people that live in this world keep making him say sensible things. He hates it. He HATES it. It enrages him to the point where he can’t help but jump back into this made up world where he and all good white people are being picked on again by the nasty Blacks and rapists Mexicans so as keeper of the white race, he has to cry to the world about it. He does this time after time. And he even tells you he’s going to keep telling you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Cuz fake media keeps rolling unedited video of him saying moronic shit without a 30 minute preface on how he has a very good brain and is a great person and doesn’t really mean it like it sounds if you’re colored but fuck yeah, he means it just like that if you’re white. He does this and white people just take him at his word. “Oh, he really doesn’t mean it like it sounds. My ex-husband said he hated niggers but he really didn’t. He had a good heart. He reminds me of him” So there will be no consequence for him from white people. there is no hope there. “Oh, he really didn’t mean that. ” “Surely you can’t take him that way. ” “Not what he means.” He keeps fucking telling us he means it just the fuck like he says it. Believe him. He fucking wants all non-wht people dead and a lot of us are tired of the white-splain, want to live and are seriously moving the fuck on to removing this crazed motherfucker. Watch what happens. As the great freedom patriot Pierre Trudeau said, “Watch me.”

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Loves Nazis.

  1. typical black-splaining. the evil white man blah blah blah
    how dare white people stand up for themselves blah blah
    nazis bigots racism blah blah blah


  2. Just another sad journalist to Donald Trump doesn’t like .So write another crap story about Donald Trump because we know Donald Trump does not like you.


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