Trump Thinks Puerto Rico is in Queens

trump PR mayor alec baldwin SNL
You know he had no fucking clue where Puerto Rico was. Comon, be honest. You know that. Even if you’re a trumpette, you can just chalk it up to racism but you knooooow he couldn’t find PR on a map even if Birgitte Hjort Sørensen was going to let him grab her by that perfect pussy if he could. He would so want to. Probably look like he does at his bonfire lynching rallies, all watermelon red with veins coming out of his turkey jowl. But she would be able to leave unmolested because he would never be able to find PR on a map. You know why? That motherfucker thinks it’s in Queens. I mean, comon, that’s where all the Puerto Ricans are right? That’s where they ended up after they came from Mexico, right? Or maybe Hell’s Kitchen. Lots of fucking PR there too. Listen, you may not be from NYC or know much about it and it may not matter to you because, shit, racial stereotypes are generally all the same but your orange boy is particularly stuck in Times Square in the ‘80s. Think HBO The Deuce with all the black pimps and puerto rican muggers with knives and comical Zorro accents. That’s where this orange asshole midget putin inserted into out DNA is forever stuck. No wonder he’s still doing coke and whatever that is with his hair extensions. Did any one really expect him to give one fucks about PR? Ain’t you peoples been watching, man? An island full of brown and black people who speak Mexican and mug good white people in Times Square? Fuck you been? Now he can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Seriously. I think he’s puzzled. Why do all these other white people care about puerto ricans? Haven’t they been mugged? Contrast dumb dementia don with Chef Jose Andres. Not only was he able to find PR on a map, he was able to get there. And bring a team of chefs and support. And thousands of pounds of food and water. Then is able to cook for 10,000 people without electricity. On that island. In the ocean. The deep..(pause a little more than just ellipses) Atlantic ocean. This is the same dude that pulled out of trump ’s DC hotel from the jump when putin’s orange asshole called mexicans rapists. Got sued for it. Now dude can get down to PR to cook paella for 10,000 people but trump just figured out it’s an island. In the ocean. And oceans are deep. When he shows up, take that pig to the beach and let’s have lechon for the people. I’m sure they won’t mind that the skin is so orange.

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