Trump’s Shithole

trump shit with hair

Is his full onset dementia assisted mouth.

His coke addled brain is a black hole of ignorant obscenity.

This is what they signed up for. While the rest of us in the world of decent humanity look on at the conflagration of the most powerful office in the world by a moron in horror, the inbreds get hard ons and wet pussies and cheer while they come. Remember, Fox and Murdoch created this shit simply to denigrate people of color, make white people fearful and in doing that ensure that they had enough control of this feeble electorate to make sure they received even more of the benefits of society while paying less for being a part of it. It’s one thing to be disgusted by the massive stupidity of the inbreds who sense that the time of just being white in the world ensured an advantage is at an end. The real deviousness of though is the people that knowingly, dispassionately and effectively used this orange clown (with midget putin’s help) to con them into sticking the barrel in their own mouths and tonguing the barrel. that would be the Koch’s, the Murdoch’s, the Mercers, et al.

All the people that were designed to save us from mad kings have abandoned their posts. Most have actually switched sides and are spearing the innocents in the back as they run from the horrors. They have decided that the world is burning, no one is looking and this is the lat chance they have to rape, pillage and get the fuck out of Westeros. Maybe sail to Bravos. There are few truly brave patriots left and Bob Mueller still has the straightest back of them all. So fuck you traitor Kevin Nunes.

And it seems that “all the best people” the mad dumb king has been able to find to serve have no human dignity and are literally willing to do anything to make sure that he doesn’t have his sensitive vagina hurt. And when I say anything, I MEAN literally anything. I’m positive stephen miller would suck a dick on the corner for money under a security camera if trump told him to. He all but did that shit with Jake Tapper the other night before CNN security through is ass in the alley.

Finally as we find out more and more details about just how Trump has done business his whole life we learn how not just the inbreds have been conned, but we all have. I mean NBC gave him a show with the O’Jays’ For the Love of Money as the intro (they fucked up a ghetto classic on this white trash klan motherfucker). He was held to be the arbiter of what it took to make money in the world. Now we all know that he ran what should have been bulletproof businesses into bankruptcy. Not once but SEVEN times. To the point where no one with any sense would lend to him to bail him out anymore. Except for Russians. Russia mobsters to be more specific. And so the fun house entrance to our present location begins. And will end in the same place. Even Sloppy Steve has said so.

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