Their God Hates Blacks


And Mexicans. Especially Mexicans.

And loves pornstars, Russians and scumbags like Trump and Roy Moore.

As long as they keep hating blacks and Mexicans. ‘Cuz you know. God forgives our sins. Unless you have the sin of pigment. Fucking hypocritical fake ass christian racist fucks. That’s exactly what they are. All fervently proclaiming it is how God wants the world. They literally want everything that’s bad for the country and the world as part of a evangelical sharia but proclaim persecution of behalf all people of faith. They want to promote an abusive patriarchy of uneducated, ignorant, hateful white men to control women’s and children’s bodies and behavior. They want to use religion to brand certain cultures as ungodly and in need of their exploitative “guidance”.

There is nothing Christ like about them. WWJD? Condemn these false fuckers first off. They use their fake sanctimony as a cudgel to hate, pillory, humiliate and murder those they think are not living in accordance to their interpretation of their God’s directive. If that doesn’t sound exactly like ISIS then you failed collaborative social theory in grad school. Just kidding. Almost lost you there didn’t I? But really, is it not just a little wee bit like ISIS? Want to see some creativity in cruel endings? Post anything negative about an evangelical “leader”. The amount of pure unmitigated hatred that will spigot instantly will shock you. No matter who you are, what you have experienced or what you have done before. they are the smallest cruelest people.

All of it is nothing more than a relic of slavery and Jim Crow using religion as justification for white supremacy in the face of all evidence. for one thing, when measured in almost any way these are the white people at the bottom of any class. Education? Least educated, Think Alabama and Mississippi. Shit, every southern state. Follows then that economically they are lagging also. Health? medical science is your friend. Well, everyone’s friend but them. Who needs it when God is making that Twinkie healthy for you. Happiness? You can usually see from their reaction to any criticism (instant threats of violence and death), that they are not in their best personal space or life moment.

Like I said they are literally the greatest retarding force on human progress almost everywhere they are concentrated or weird any political power. Yes, the Islamic Caliphate is a very valid example. It’s what the white version in America would impose if they didn’t have a structured dynamic democracy impeding them. Everything that is good for the progress of a society as proved by valid data and science they are against. Sex education? Prophylactics? Early quality childhood education for all children? Ensuring poor kids eat? Poor kids and healthcare? They are against them all.

One hopeful thing we can take from their hysterical pitch and desperate criminal alliances now is the fact that it points to the absolute terror they have at the demographic changes that are happening not only in this country but the world. If I was them I would hate the “globalists” too. Because they make it obvious that soon that just being white alone will not provide you an exalted privileged place in this country or the world. If Trump actually is allowed to do anything, this time will come much sooner than if a globalist corporatist like Hillary was president. Because she would not have abandoned American leadership in the world to the benefit of China. Now they jump into every hole that Trump has America abandon in the world. Every time he pulls out of a TPP or NAFTA you can bet the Chinese will be there to pick up the pieces and put them in their pockets. Look at Africa. While this dotard is condemning the whole continent as a shithole, China is investing tens of billions in infrastructure. Who do you think is seen by not only African nations, but the world, as a capable, confident, reliable and sane leader?

Again for the homeschooled. Knowledge is your friend. Social progression and justice are your friends. Uncertainty that begets inquiry is your friend. Adaptation is your friend. Know your syllabi didn’t include it but there is this thing called evolution that kills off things that remain stagnant. Including cultures. Read up on it. if you can.

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