The Guy Didn’t Even Read it!

trumpputinnunes - 640x500
Clown Rep Nunes never even read the intelligence memo based on.
Grease Face Gowdy and JUNIOR Staff Wrote Memo.
They keep saying it. Like it makes it valid. Four pages. This four page memo. Only four pages. You know they made it only four pages because they knew that Trump couldn’t read anything longer. Four pages is like War and Peace to him. The absolute limit. And even then it better be bullet pointed. Seriously, though. We are speaking about the health of our shared democracy. FISA warrants are typically sixty, seventy, a hundred pages long laying out reasoned evidence for reviewing judge. And there’s also typically back and forth between the judge and prosecutors. It is not a local favor for the sheriff type of deal. So no doubt the reasoning for the warrant is legit. I mean Carter Page was off in Moscow associating with known Russian intelligence operatives! But hey, clown boy Nunes made a memo. With the RED crayon!
Nunes. The guy who literally jumped onto the street from a cab to run to the white house to give the president info that he just had received….from the white house! Fucking clowns in a Dali show for reals. I mean just put that silly picture in your head for a minute. It was easy when it happened because dude went on camera all breathless and sweaty that night. And guess what? It was about the same bullshit. FISA warrants. Remember, this is the guy who was forced to recuse recused himself because even other GOP criminals thought he was suspect. Yeah, I know. That’s saying some shit. Now he’s back. And he’s working sooo hard and desperately at the deflection bullshit you know Russia has shit on him too. It’s just too much. Too heated and desperate to not be life and death for him. O maybe freedom or orange jumpsuits.
Trump is over on the shitter Twitter-egging this fool on even though his own justice dept against it. I mean read the WAPO piece above. This shit will out sources and methods of intelligence gathering. The same crap they couldn’t get to stick on Hillary’s emails. Except this isn’t a fantasy. They will put out info in this silly ass memo that other intelligence agencies will use to figure out where we have assets that are providing info to us. GOP could give a fuck. You got KKKlan member Steve King over in Iowa saying how bad the memo is. How it was worse than Watergate (They love that one. They don’t even get the irony of it being that they are a part of the same party and same behavior by a crooked president.) Here’s the thing. He hadn’t fucking seen it at that point. Again, a racist GOP member talking straight out off his ass. Remind you of anyone?
Now here we are at the end game. Nunes’ super duper secret shit he wouldn’t even let the FBI, Justice department or his House Intelligence Committee colleagues view it (because maybe, I don’t know, they might call bullshit on it!) Even though they all have access to the same underlying intelligence if not more. And guess what? They never came close to these fake ass bullet points. So they are all acting as professionals are wont to do, taking him at his word and wondering what the fuck they missed. Maybe, they think, in their best most moral brains that surely a member of congress wouldn’t blatantly shit himself in public if there was nothing there. They grossly overestimate Nunes. He will gladly shit himself on video, live, just dramatic audio for NPR, pretty much any way you want it. It’s who he is and what he does. Just think about his sweaty out of breath ass on camera last time he pulled some crazy ass republican public self immolation. Which leaves us with this. And I’m dead serious. I’m no political scientist or demographic sociologist but the question needs answering.
Again. Why is it only the GOP has these fucking low rent clowns showing their assess all the time? Almost like they think their base will fucking believe anything.

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