Their God Hates Blacks

And Mexicans. Especially Mexicans. And loves pornstars, Russians and scumbags like Trump and Roy Moore. As long as they keep hating blacks and Mexicans. ‘Cuz you know. God forgives our sins. Unless you have the sin of pigment. Fucking hypocritical fake ass christian racist fucks. That’s exactly what they are. All fervently proclaiming it is … More Their God Hates Blacks

White Iverson

  Saucin. Saucin on you. White Iverson. When I started balling I was young. i need that money like that ring I never won. It’s that time. Swaggin’ Swaggin’ on you for certain. And that’s the only way to operate going forward. The world is going to automate at a much faster rate than people … More White Iverson

Trump’s Shithole

Is his full onset dementia assisted mouth. His coke addled brain is a black hole of ignorant obscenity. This is what they signed up for. While the rest of us in the world of decent humanity look on at the conflagration of the most powerful office in the world by a moron in horror, the … More Trump’s Shithole

All the Best (Liars, Criminals and Pedophiles)

Trump gives us his twisted insane, infirm and plain ugly. Hires degenerate hacks to give him a warm fuzzy feelings around his asshole and take his raging mad king abuse. Run him trough, kingslayer. You can start with Huckabee Sanders. That slop faced knowingly evil hack. She’s a product of attrition obviously. All the others … More All the Best (Liars, Criminals and Pedophiles)